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Entry #2


2009-11-22 14:23:00 by Spiderbeaver

Hey guys, i just want to tell you, I was looking at my new game and then it hit me. I looked at views and it said, 666.

Im cursed...



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2009-11-22 18:40:32

make another cloud game, with better graphics plz


2009-11-23 14:51:58

clouds should be like the backround of the second one :3, and i hope you make another, and First comment :P

Spiderbeaver responds:

I might make aother one but not yet, i have to gain more experience! :-P


2009-11-23 16:42:45

You could have a sock character and the story could be about a lost sock. At the end, it could dissapear into a black hole. And instead of coins, it could collect other, smaller socks, and to take away points, there could be lint, instead of that red crap. And you could put a dryer or something in the beginning. Just suggestions.

Spiderbeaver responds:

Lulz, that is pretty good actually!